Music from Big Pink, Sunday Song Hour

Sunday April 5:
dedicated to the great John Prine

Watch the zoom video recording here:

4:48: Kelly Countermine and Mark Hill, That's the Way the World Goes Round
9:55: Charlie Boyer, Illegal Smile
14:35: Gwen Stimely, All the Best
18:00: Judson Mantz, Souvenirs
 21:21: Molly Countermine and Rene Witzke, Angel from Montgomery
28:00: George Macias, Glory of True Love
32:00: Richard Sleigh, Fish and Whistle
37:37: Told you Sos, Nell and Sue
41:42: Phil Ruth, Paradise
46:30: Doug Irwin, Christmas in Prison
50:50 Steve Buckalew, Shove that Pig's foot a Little Further in the Fire
55:15: The Crow Flies-Chris Whitmer, Summer's End
59:30: Stevadors, Steve Crawford Steve Buckalew, They Should've Named a Drink After You.
1:00:00: Steve Crawford, Please Don't Burry Me
1:08:25: Gary Gyekis, Paradise!

THANK YOU to the talented and brave musicians
who helped us send good wishes to John Prine and each other!

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"Viva laVida, Long Live Life"
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* Eagle painting by Rick Avery